North West Pro

North West Pro Wrestling is an independent wrestling company based in Washington. NWP strives to bring you the best in family entertainment and pro wrestling action in the pacific northwest. 


NWP wouldn't be where it is at today without it's amazing sponsors.


Voogt's Photography, owned and run by North West Pro's head of media Chelsea Voogt, is a luxury portrait studio providing high quality boudoir and Portrait photography to the better part of Washington. 

ATS Powersports

ATS Powersports and Owner Al are the biggest help North West Pro has had. Al is the most valued sponsor at North West Pro Wrestling. 


thanks to Fizzy Tv, North West Pro will now be featured on the Fizzy channel of Roku tv and NWP can continue to expand and reach a greater audience. With Fizzy, NWP has been able to bridge the gap between local shows to reach the at home viewers that love wrestling as much as we do. 





JD MASON-Center: A ten year veteran to indie wrestling, JD  started North West Pro in july of 2013. together with the help of his fellow co owner's, JD has put together a strong roster and an impeccable product. 

Darren Guin-Front: Darren is the nephew to a 15 year veteran of indie wrestling and has grown up living and breathing the wrestling scene. behind the scenes, Darren ensures every wrestling show goes off without a hitch and is a major asset to the company.

Chuck Payne-Left: Another ten year veteran to indie wrestling, Chuck has been a part of North West Pro since the beginning, helping build the roster and put on an amazing show. His Professionalism has brought him to the top of The North West Pro both In Front of and Behind The scenes.

Morgan West-RIght: Though fairly new to the Indies, Morgan's Support has helped north west pro Run since Its Creation in 2013.



Head of Media

Chelsea Voogt Joined North West Pro 1 year after the company began and took North West Pro by storm by stepping in and providing high quality video, photography, and advertising. Chelsea's creative vision has transformed the North West Pro Brand into what it is today and upped the ante on the quality of the company Product both on screen and in print. 


Announcer/ Commentator

Ken Hamblin provides the voice to this great company, North West Pro. Ken has announced for several indie Wrestling promotions over the years and is seasoned in announcing and commentating.